Storms of the Northlands

A visit to Silverymoon

After the rigors of their battle with Rentash, the Stormchasers continued deeper into his chambers, searching for the one minion who had escaped them. They found the ashes and clothing of the minion a few yards down a passageway, and confusedly proceeded into the next chamber, where they encountered a kobold trying desparately to free an elf from a cage.

The elf proved to be Kethria, the Icatian ranger. The kobold was Meepo, her sidekick and travelling companion. Speaking with Kehtria, the ‘Chasers learned that Rentash had been the apprentice of Gulthinas, a vampire lord dedicated to the service of the red dragon Ashardalon. Kethria was tack Gulthias for the king of Icatia, and had been captured by Rentash’s thralls.

The party rested for the night, and the returned to Losse Alda, where Noer informed the village that their long nightmare had been over. even relieved as they were, the village’s mistrust of Noer convinced her that she could never return home again. Learning that the Northern Alliance was being convened, and that Bainion would represent Losse Alda, the ’Chasers opted to forego a trip to Knomecka, and instead proceed to Silverymoon.

The party reached the shining city a few days travel later. But someone was waiting for them to arrive. A storm hulk smashed his way through the city streets, nearly trouncing the party before being defeetaed by the sudden arrival of Lady Eldresh, ruler of the city.



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