The Sin'Dorei

The Blood Elves. An assassin’s guild Sin belonged to.

To date, the party has met five of the Guild’s master assassins – Sin’Malanor (Bloodtraveller) who was killed in Lastwall, and Sin’Shandor (Bloodmaster) who controlled her opponents through mental domination. She was slain in the forests outside Lastwall by the PCs and Uruk-Khan. In Blasingdell, the party was attacked by a trio of the Sin’Dorei’s best – Sin’Shindu (Bloodfall), Sin’Serrar (Bloodsword), and Sin’Medivh (Bloodkeeper). Sin’Serrar and Sin’Medivh were killed, and Sin’Shindu was taken prisoner, to be interrogated later.

To Sin’s knowledge, the following Masters are still out there somewhere;

Sin’ Zaram (Bloodblade) – Current Quel’Sin (Highblood)
- Sin’Thorai (Bloodfury)
- Sin’Dal (Bloodstar)
- Sin’Aran (Bloodwell)

The Sin'Dorei

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