Mual Tar

Somewhere within the nigh-infinite expanse of the Elemental Chaos drifts a desolate plain of rock, timeless and unchanging amid the everchanging entropy surrounding it. Storm clouds roil and churn above it, and lightning sweeps across its surface in a never-ending dance. Five adamantine stakes crafted in Moradin’s forge are sunk deep into that rock, lending it their divine stability. Bound in chains attached to those stakes, Mual-Tar the Thunder Serpent writhes in eternal fury, constantly seeking to escape its imprisonment and wreak its vengeance
upon the gods who bound it there.

During the Dawn War, Mual-Tar fought to reclaim the skies and mountain peaks from the gods who had staked their claim to those parts of the world. Its furious storms lashed the mountain temples of Moradin and the shrines of Bahamut, and so those two gods were the first to challenge the Thunder Serpent.

The gods fought Mual-Tar in a raging battle that crossed the skies. Finally they drove it back into the Elemental Chaos, where it grew still more fearsome and mighty, but with the chains that Moradin had forged for the battle, they trapped the Thunder Serpent and bound it for eternity.

Or so they believed.

Something happened 500 years ago, something that made freeing Mual-Tar a possibility. Since that day, cults devoted to the Thunder Serpent have grown in number and in strength across both the world and the Chaos, with the terrifying consequence that the chains are on the verge of sundering. If Mual-Tar’s power grows with each broken chain, even one more broken chain could mean catastrophe.

Mual Tar

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