Chipper Nutterbucks

Dear Mimz,

How’s it going?! I hear you’re looking for me. I’m fine! Sorry bout the scare back in the woods all those years ago. Ya know who’s really scared? Your mom! I stop by home for a nice meal and I’m just bombarded with “Where have you been”s and “Have you seen Mim”s.

Well a little bird’s told me you’re in some sticky business. Something about orcs, and evil, and magic. Still the nutty little girl from Knomecka huh? Yeah, I’ve gotten some business of my own to take care of. I’m heading off to the Feywild (you should really see it Mimz, it’s pretty!). Few friends of mine from Silverymoon tell me some bad folks fled thereaways, something bout “breaking some chains” and a “stormy snake”. I’ll tell you all about it next time I see you. Don’t you worry about me, Tut-Tuts with me! He’s a strong lil porker!

I hope you stop by Casper and Scarlet’s soon, they tell me you’re with the guild now! Take care of yourself Mimz, I’ll make sure to track you down when I’m finished.

Chipper Nutterbucks

And Tut-Tut

Chipper Nutterbucks

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