Storms of the Northlands

The Harbinger Revealed!

Aboard the Quintessence, the Deva scholar Mathas verified that the Stormchasers had retrieved the actual Tempest Tome. The crew of the Spelljammer piloted the ship out of the Elemental Chaos, and back to the World, arriving outside of Silverymoon at dusk.

The Stormchasers and Mathas made their way to the Tower of Law, where they were met by Lady Eldresh. The adventurers explained what had happened to them, and passed along Liricosa‘s warning. Eldresh seemed unconcern, and took the Tome from Willem, at which point Mathas suddenly had a flash of memories from his past lives. "No! Don’t give her that book," he cried out, before Eldresh decapitated him with a lightning bolt.

Eldresh drew her cloak tight about her, revealing herself to be The Cloaked One, the Harbinger of Mual-Tar who had been dogging the Stormchasers’ steps since they first gathered on the road to Blasingdell. The party was suddenly surrounded by her agents – a pair of ferocious cyclops thugs, a djinn stormsword, and two of the remaining assassins of the Sin’Dorei, Sin’Dal, and Sin’Aram.

At once the battle was on! Sin leapt straihg through the air to land on the room’s balcony and confront Sin’Dal, while the Djinn swept powerful slashes through the room, injuring Slagathor, Sin, and Noer. Eldresh teleported to a safe location in the chamber, and hurled bolts of lightning at Willem, weakening the bard.

Mimzy flung orbs of chaotic, chromatic force at the evil eladrin, forcing her to vanish temporarily from the world, while Slagathor unleashed smashing blows against the cyclops thugs and the djinn. Noer used her primal powers to inspire fury in her allies, bolstering their attacks, and then took her animal form, racing across the balconyand savaging the Sin’Dorei with her claws.

The Djinn caused a windstorm pulling Noer back off of the balcony, while Sin stood his ground and struck blow after blow against Sin’Dal. As Sin’Dal teleported away, and Sin’Aram attempted to slay the champion of Bahamut with visions of his tortured past, Sin merely brushed aside the onslaught. "Wait your turn, " he told Sin’Aram, using Bahmut;s might to teleport Sin’Dal back into the thick of combat.

Eldresh reappeared from her otherplanar prison, and attempted to slay Willem with her longsword. Willem’s enchanted armor saved his life yet again, redirecting the damage from her strike to Sin’Dal, who died clutching his burst throat. Mimzy unleashed a howling hurricane against the djinn, ripping her enemy apart and completely discorporating him.

Sin again stepped through shadows to appear behind Sin’Aram, striking a blow with Thori’Dracon that actually cleaved the Sin’Dorei in two halves. Mimzy then concentrated a rimestorm on one of the Cyclops, and a bolt of pure chaos energy against the other, ending both of their lives.

Finally it was only the cloaked one herself who stood against the Stormchasers. Eldresh unleashed wave after wave of thundrous energy against the heroes, smashing them back and awy from her again and again, until Slagathor finally summoned her might to push through the tempest and run the villian through.

The victory was short lived, however, as the heroes were interrupted in their celebration by Altara. seeing the body of her foster mother, and the chaos in the room, she became rageful and transformed into her true shape – that of a silver dragon.

Mindful of her loss, and remembering her gentle nature, the Stormchasers refused to battle her, dodging her blows while trying to reason with her. After a tense standoff, Altara’s rage was quelled by Mimzy and Willem’s kind words, and a display of Sin’s true face and identity as Bahmut’s chosen Avenger. Reverting back to her human form, Altar fel to her knees in grief.

Silverymoon was suddenly overtaken by a phalankx of eladrin soldiers, led by a gnome ranger – none other than Chipper Nutterbucks! Chipper had been in the Feywild, defending the city of Mithrendain from Eldresh’s forces, and had returned to Silverymoon with an army of eladrin to bring the Cloaked One to justice – a task the Stormchasers had beaten him to.


Some weeks passed, as the adventurers rested and recovered. Altara took Eldresh’s place as Lady of Silverymoon, vowing to continue what good deeds the tragically twisted and misguided eladrin had begun. She begged the Stormchasers to stay with her, as advisors and friends. Slagathor instantly agreed, and was named bodyguard to the Lady Altara, and warden of Silverymoon. Willem surprised himself by rejecting his wandering nature and agrreing to stay in Silverymoon for the time being, learning what he could from Altara and teaching her as best as he was able.

Sin regretfully took his leave. He took up the Tempest Tome, and voiced his intention to carry it to Khrundukar, where King Helgard’s dwarves could protect it. He also knew that the threat of the Sin’Dorei was not ended, and vowed to continue to hunt his former brothers down. Noer decided to accompany him on both of these tasks, cementing a friendship neither of them could have suspected when they first met.

As for Mimzy, “I don’t know what to do first!” she excalimed, holding tightly onto Chipper’s hand.

The friends parted for now, knowing that it was not goodbye forever. They had forged bonds that neither time nor distance could sever – Chains that could never be broken.


Eldresh – “You have proven most difficult to destroy.”

Mimzy – “Fuck you, lady.”

Amanda – “I have faith in my die! WAIT! No, I don’t!”

Rob – “I don’t do a lot of damage to begin with, so what do I care if I’m weakened?”

Jenny – “Half of fuck-all, divided by nil is…”

Willem – “What was her name again?”

Mimzy – “It won’t matter soon.”

Manny – “You killed a broad with a broadsword!”

Jenny – “Bitch gave me six hit points on the way out, too.”

Dances with Slaad

Cruising through the Elemental Chaos aboard the Spelljammer Quintessence, the Stormchasers finally reached Liricosa’s Fane, an ancient dojo perched on a chunk of rock floating perilously close to a huge chaos storm. The crew of the Quintessence steered the shop as close to the Fane as they could, but it was up to the adventurers to keap from rock to floating rock and attempt to reach the Fane.

The ’Chasers found their way blocked by a group of vicious slaad. Mimzy indentified the beasts, and wanred that their claw attacks could impregnate a victim with slaad eggs, which would kill the host upon hatching.

The party lept into battle, trying their best to retain their footing in the face of the slaad’s chaos powers. Noer proved especially adept at destroying these foes, and sent many of them hurtling out into the swirling storm. Slagathor and Mimzy both narrowly escaped becoming slaad hosts, while Sin and Mimzy took turns rescuing each other from nasty tumbles into the bottomless pit of the Elemental Chaos.

Slaying the slaad gave the party a clear passage into the Fane, where they met a withered, ancient Githzerai who claimed to be Liricosa himself. Willem spoke to the ancient monk, who claimed that the party’s coming had been foretold – “The assassin, the storyteller, the totem, the guardian, and the chaotic”. After warning the group that taking possession of The Tempest Tome could unleash a powerful threat to all reality, the mysterious being dissapeared, leaving the adventurers to scramble out of the rapidly crumbling structure and to the safety of their ship, waiting to whisk them back to the World.


Slagathor – “Gross. I’m knocked up by a slaad.”

Willem – “I still respect you.”

Mimzy (trying to escape a slaad who is trying to implant her with an embryo) – “NO MEANS NO!”

Jenny – “Did I just get RickRolled in the Elemental Chaos?”

Travis – “Just because something is red doesn’t make it immune to fire.”

Amanda – “You don’t know that.”

Pursuit through the Bog

The Stormchasers, and the genasi trader Blokk, fled through the Canaughlin Bog, trying desperately to reach the Spelljammer Quintessence and flee into the Elemental Chaos. Their progress was halted when they entered a strange clearing, with a large deathcap mushroom blocking part of their path, and a beautiful elven girl on the other side of the obstacle, being attacked by three shambling mounds. The party quickly lept into action to save the girl, with Slagathor and Sin surrounding one of the mounds and unleashing a volley of punishing blows against it’s resilient, mossy hide. The elven girl proved to be a bog witch in disguise, and directed the three mounds in combat against our heroes.

As Noer smashed through one of the mounds, Mimzy used her chaotic sorcerous powers to shove another into a pool of water which turned out to be liquid thunder. The mound was blasted several yards into the sky, and when it came crashing down to earth, Willem was there to finish it off. Slagathor pulverized the last of the mounds while Sin separated the which from her head with one swift swipe of Thori’Dracon.

Pushing further through the bog, the party was set upon by more of the Raenrirriel Fey, including a gaggle of nasty gremlins, who continually shoved the party off their feet, and tripped them into the stinking gorgon mud filling the area. Mimzy and Noer both found themselves caught in the mud, and turned into living statues, before their comrades managed to defeat the fey and free them.

At long last, battered and bruised, the adventurers reached the Quintessence, lifting off from the Bog and headed out into the Elemental Chaos to seek out Liricosa’s Fane


“It’s a spa monster!” (Rob, on fighting a creature made of moss and mud)

“I was trying to help you! Be grateful, almost-dead-pants!” (Sin to Mimzy)

Sin – “How is this MY fault?”

Mimzy – “All I know is this shit happened when you stood next to me.”

The Northern Alliance

Lady Eldresh arranged for the Stormchasers to be healed, and then escorted them to the top of the Tower of Law, where she introduced them to the members of the newly-convened Northern alliance.

The ‘Chasers also met Eldresh’s advisors, Mathas, and Rorit Grimmountain, and the lady’s ward, Altara.

Over the next hour or so, the heroes ate, drank, and mingled with the Alliance representatives. Mimzy and Willem gave particularly good accountings for themselves, presenting gifts to Altara and Rorit Grimmountain.

Soon, ALdy Eldresh requested the ‘Chasers to accompany her. She led them to another chamber, where she explained that she had need of them. She bade them accompany the Spelljammer Quintessence, and its crew, along with the genasi trader and explorer Blokk, into the Elemental Chaos, in pursuit of the Tempest Tome, which eldresh believed could give the Northern Alliance the tools to maintain Mual-Tar’s imprisonment.

The party departed the next day, entering the malestrom of the Elemental Chaos, and landing in Canaughlin Bog. There they met with Drall, Blokk’s contact, and learned that the Tome was likely to be found in Liricosa’s Fane. Before more information could be gathered, the party was set upon by the deragnged Raenrirriel Fey. The ’Chasers defeated their assailants, but were now trapped several miles from their ship, in the most hostile swamp in all of the planes.

A visit to Silverymoon

After the rigors of their battle with Rentash, the Stormchasers continued deeper into his chambers, searching for the one minion who had escaped them. They found the ashes and clothing of the minion a few yards down a passageway, and confusedly proceeded into the next chamber, where they encountered a kobold trying desparately to free an elf from a cage.

The elf proved to be Kethria, the Icatian ranger. The kobold was Meepo, her sidekick and travelling companion. Speaking with Kehtria, the ‘Chasers learned that Rentash had been the apprentice of Gulthinas, a vampire lord dedicated to the service of the red dragon Ashardalon. Kethria was tack Gulthias for the king of Icatia, and had been captured by Rentash’s thralls.

The party rested for the night, and the returned to Losse Alda, where Noer informed the village that their long nightmare had been over. even relieved as they were, the village’s mistrust of Noer convinced her that she could never return home again. Learning that the Northern Alliance was being convened, and that Bainion would represent Losse Alda, the ’Chasers opted to forego a trip to Knomecka, and instead proceed to Silverymoon.

The party reached the shining city a few days travel later. But someone was waiting for them to arrive. A storm hulk smashed his way through the city streets, nearly trouncing the party before being defeetaed by the sudden arrival of Lady Eldresh, ruler of the city.

Noer Becomes an Orphan, and Mimzy Gets New Shoes.

The Stormchasers continued their descent into Rentash’slair. Climbing a ladder down to a lower ledge, they found two branching passages. One led to a coffin with candles giving dim illumination. The other led to a finely worked chamber. Sin snuck softly into the open chamber, and was confronted with the site of a hulking vampiric troll! Sin’s eagle eyes also detected a flash of motion in the corner of the room, a deadly dhampyr assassin!

Sin lunged at the troll, striking him brutally and teleporting back out of the room with his quarry in tow. The dhampyr was quickly joined by another, as they shifted into a mist form and moved to flank the ‘Chasers.

Mimzy unleashed a twin bolt against the troll and one of the dhampyrs, while Slagathor lept forward to engage the troll. The assassins began to mock Noer, claiming to be her half-brothers. Unimpressed with what she had seen of her family thus far, Noer blasted at them with a spray of thorns, unfortunately catching Willem in the blast as well. A rimestorm spell from Mimzy knocked the dhampyr brothers off of their feet, setting them up to be marked by Slagathor.
The troll proved a deadly opponent, dominating Noer with his vampiric powers, and forcing her to attack Mimzy. As Slagathor ran one of the dhampyrs through with her sword, Mimzy’s spells finally felled the troll. The last dhampyr chose to direcvt his attacks at Noer, his blind rage causing him to carelessly provoke an attack from Slagathor, who ended his threat with a single blow to his neck.

After a short rest, the party opened the coffin they had found, revealing several golden treasures, as well as a magical sash claimed by Noer, and a pair of enchanted glass slippers that Mimzy gleefully donned.

Moving further into the crypt, the ‘Chasers found Rentash himself, surrounded by his vampiric thralls. The first handful of thralls leapt at Mimzy, only to find that her new footwear unleashed lightning upon enemies who dared to approach. Slagathor struck another of the thralls down as Rentash summoned his steed, a gigantic black nightmare, to flank the party. The nightmare stormed through the room, leaving walls of fire in its trail. Sin managed to corner the beast and separate it from its head. Another group of thralls entered the fray, and Willem’s initial efforts to repel them proved ineffective. Mimzy managed to hold them at bay, while taking a good deal of necrotic damage for her troubles.

The party found themselves in deadly combat with Rentash, who used his vampiric domination to confound the party. As they managed to whittle away at him, he dominated Noer, with a command to protect her father.

Fleeing from the room, Rentash rushed back through the caves from which the party had entered, Slagathor hot on his trail. As the vampire lord reached the ladder to escape to the surface, Slagathor lunged at him, swinging her sword with the strength of her Fearsome Ram form. Although he managed to dodge back from a direct hit, the primal force of the blow created a voracious wind that ripped the flesh from his bones, slaying him.


“They’re Bite-curious!” (Manny, on dhampyrs being half-vampires, and therefore, half-gay)

“Sweet! Oh no! Noer, I’m sorry!” (Slagathor, stopped short in her celebration of Rentash’s demise by the realization that she’d managed to kill Noer’s entire family)

“Hello, ladies! AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” (Willem, encountering the brides of Rentash)

“Noer! Don’t let them destroy Daddy!” (Rentash)

“Your poetry sucks.” (Noer, to Rentash)

Fearless Undead Slayers

The ’Chasers entered into the ruined temple. Sin snuck into the first chamber and saw an iron-jawed constuct waiting in hiding for the group. As the rest of the party entered, another ironjaw became visible, as did three animated statues and another group of twig-folk.

Mimzy had the jump on her opponents and used her arnace mists of Dissaray to slay two of the twigs. Noer called upon a wall of thorns to isolate the statues. Willem, used his bardic song to force two more of the twig-folk into a frantic dance, that shook them to bits. Mimzay sprouted butterfly wings of color and chaos, slaying a twig that attempted to attack her, and dmaging one of the statues that had burst from the wall of throns to strike at her as she flitted across the room. Landing, she cast a chaos bolt, annihilating another twig.

Sin and Slagathor both unleashed huge damage against the ironjaws, so much so that they caused the constricts to self destruct, casting shrapnel across the room. Noer blasted two more of the twigs from existence with a thorn blast, and managed to weaken one of the statues, setting it up for her allies to finish. In retribution, the statue charged at Noer, who was defended by Willem.

Slagathor charged one of the statues, slamming it to the ground, and then shattering it with a follow-up attack. Willem used his bardic song to drain the energy animating one of the other statues, destroying the statue and healing Sin, who proceeded to pahse behind the last statue and pierce it’s hide with his fullblade.

After a short rest, the ’Chasers opened a trapdoor leading to chambers below the ruined temple. Descending the ladder into the darkness, they foundthemselves on a cliff, facing a hulking undead warrior, his vampire mistress, and a ferocious devil armed with countless whirling spiked chains. A ferocious battle ensued. Noer finally managed to slay the undead warrior with a Sunbeam, melting him to a puddle of steaming flesh. A timely hit by Mimzy with Karot in proximity unleashed wave upon wave of damage to the vampiress, who was finally slain when Willem called upon the bardic Song of the New Dawn to reduce her to ash.

The devil proved a deadly foe, slashing the party to ribbons with its chains, binding them in the coils and spikes, and weakening them with poison. The battle seemed hopeless until some timely strikes wounded the fiend. Willem called upon all of his charisma and presence and demqanded that the devil leave their world, causing the panicked creature to flee.

(Rob rolls Manny’s d20, which has no 20, but a symbol. He gets a crit.)

Manny: “NICE!”

Rob: “What is that?”

Travis: "It’s the dwarven rune for “Fuck you.”"

Willem (to Sin, as Willem tries to figure out how to heal an ally who keeps telporting out of range): “You sequestering freak.”

Rob: “Can you roll over Action Points? Like, save them up and redeem them later?”

Travis: “They’re not skeeball coupons.”

Rob: “Thank you for the rules clarification.”

A Bitterweet Homecoming

The ’Chasers returned to Blasingdell, and began making their preparations for the journey to The Northwood. Arranging horses for the trip, Noer and Mimzy came upon Sir Graze-a-Lot and the other horses that had been stolen from them. Mimzy was delighted to be reunited with her pony pal.

Further delight came to Mimzy in the form of a letter given to her by Casper at the Adventurer’s Guild. It was from Chipper, and brought her up to speed on his comings and goings. The convenience of the letter falling into the Guil’d hands arose suspicions in Slagathor, who sought answers to the mysteries of the Guild. The party learned that the Adventurer’s Guildhouse existed independent of their reality, and that multiple planes intersected with the guildhouse via portals. The physical property they were occupying, it turned out, existed in the extraplanar city of Sigil.

The party set out several days later, and after almost two weeks of travel, entered Losse Alda, Noer’s homeland. The village was largely deserted. Many structures were boarded up, the elven sign for “unclean” painted on the doors. After a tense standoff with some of the village guards, including Bainion, Noer spoke with Malledhel, and learned that her mother had passed away 2 years prior.

On the way out of the town square, Mimzy’s offer to use cold spells against Bainion’s nether-regions were met by the most unusual of things – a laugh from Noer.

The ‘Chasers continued through Losse Alda, travelling to the outskirts of the village where they met with Saelaer and Celeblain. Over a delicious meal, they learned of the attacks on the village by Rentash and his minions. The uneasy truce that had endured between the vampires and the elves had been crushed by the death of Naurni. The party also learned that Celeblain’s protege, Kethria, had returned to town to investgiate the vampires, and had dissapeared a week earlier.

Leaving their horses with their elven friends, the ’Chasers tracked Kethria through the woods to an ruined temple deep in the forest. Before they could enter, they were set upon by a gaggle of tiny, twig-like creatures, and a handfull of human thralls to the vampire lord.

Slagathor lept into battle, punting one ot the twig-folk into kindling. Noer called upon her primal powers, and slew another five with a chill wind. Sin leapt into battle with an eladrin bladesinger, and proved more than a match for his foe. Mimzy finished the last of the twig-folk off with a rimestorm spell, as Sin beheaded one of the human thralls who had engaged to party.

In her animal form, Noer felled another thrall, tearing his leg from his body. She then cast a primal firehawk at an elven thrall, slaying him as he attempted to draw his bow. Slagathor brought the3 combat to a close as she charged the remaining elven thrall, trampling him beneath her boots and blade.

Manda: “We’ll dress Mimzy up as a little girl and have her roam around the forest.”

Manny: “So we’re on the lookout for vampires AND pedophiles.”

Travis: “Your plan just went from clever to creepy.”

Jenny: “Not creepy. STRATEGIC.”

Rob Manda (trying to determine if Noer was still grappling an enemy in her animal form): “Wait. Is he still in your mouth?”

Noer (to Willem): “If you get it on with my dad, I’m killing you both.”

(A hypotheticalm exchange between a human thrall and Willem, disguised as a vampire, but wandering around in the daylight)


Willem: “Sunblock. SPF 100.”

Farewell to Moranin

Having defeated all of their Sin’Dorei assailants, the ‘Chasers took a moment to catch their breath and to interrogate the captive Sin’Shandu. The party was dismayed to realize that Glen Elendra had succumbed to his wounds, and perished during the battle.

Sin’Shandu was less than forthcoming in her answers, speaking civilly only to Sin’Zaram, and to a lesser extent, Mimzy. The party learned that Dimir Vanderboren had indeed hired the Sin’Dorei to slay Willem and the other candidates for mayor of Blasingdell. The Sin’Dorei also still held a blood-grudge against Sin’Zaram, and had been contracted to kill all of the ‘Chasers. The party was unable to learn the identity of the contract holder, though.

After a good deal of deliberation, it was decided that Golgari Mult should be named the mayor of Blasingdell. As his first official act, Mult turned Sin’Shandu over to the dwarves of Khrundukar, who agreed to imprison her indefinitely.

The Stormchasers accompanied the prisoner and Keldeggan Tolm to Khrundukar, where they were greeted warmly by King Helgard, and treated as visiting dignitaries. Helgard also had a problem that needed solving. In excavating the tunnels of Khrundukar, the dwarves had uncovered a passage leading to a huge set of iron double doors. Something behind the doors was attempting to break free, but had been unsuccessful.

Investigating, the party discovered a temple of Moradin behind the doors – And a party of drow soldiers who had become trapped in the temple after a cave-in. Quickly, the drow attacked.
Sin sped across the room, teleporting one of the drow to an isolated area and making short work of him with his fullblade. Noer, in her animal form, literally tore the throat from another. Moranin invoked his trumpet of awe to pulverize a drow with a cruelly poisoned weapon, while a drider’s attack on Mimzy provoked Slagathor’s primal fury, and the creature was slain by the flames emanating from her warden’s broadsword. Finally, only the drow commander was left, and he soon fell to the combined might of the group.

After the melee, Helgard offered Moranin a home in Khrundukar, and a position as the head of Moradin’s church in the dwarven citadel. Moranin accepted this offer parting ways with the ‘Chasers.

The party began preparations to return to Blasingdell, before embarking on a journey to Silverymoon. The council of the North will soon begin, and the Chasers will be representing Blasingdell and Lastwall, with Tolm representing Khrundukar. But first, the party intends to stop in the Northwood, and visit Losse Alda, Noer’s home village.

Quotes of the night:

DM: “He’s not dazed anymore. He’s just marked, bloodied, upside-down, and blind.”

Willem (to Slagathor): “You would be able to afford your triceratops, were it not for your love of couture.”

Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

The Stormchasers returned to their beds at the Adventurer’s Guild after their exhausting battle with the Hammer and Chisel. They rose the next day, and Willem excused himself from the group to go and inspect Underhall and the Griffon’s Nest, his new property.

The ‘Chasers met with Keldeggan Tolm, who presented them with a list of the five most likely choices for a mayoral position in Blasingdell:

  • Glen Elendra, a Halfling merchant with strong ties to the Halfling community of Laketown, and rumored connections to several less-than-reputable concerns. (Manda – “I don’t like him.” Travis – “You’re a size-ist!”)
  • Ichabod Boros, a local dandy and owner of several merchant operations.
  • Oona Lum, the eldest daughter of a prosperous family of farmers and grocers that originally hailed from Lastwall. (Jenny – “I like her. She’s a hot MILF.” Rob, upon seeing the mini respresenting her – “Who’s THAT?”)
  • Dimir Vanderboren, a cunning and ambitious local businessman. Part of a powerful noble family from across the seas. (Ian – “I HATE that family.”)
  • Golgari Mult, a Half-Orc who had worked his way up from mercenary and caravan guard to owner of a local security firm. (Jenny – “It’s like D&D Blackwater!”)

Tolm also suggested that Willem himself might be the best possible choice for mayor, as he was well respected by the locals of Blasingdell and the dwarves of Khrundukar alike, had experience with the elements of the black market, and was now a property owner.

A spirited debate arose among the party as to the best course of local government. After much discussion (And over an hour of game time in which the DM’s Political Science degree felt well earned), the party settled on the idea of Willem as head of a city council made up of the other five candidates. All that was left to do was convince the other merchants to go along with the plan.

Tolm arranged an after-hours sit down with the ‘Chasers and the merchants to be held at Underhall. With Willem taking the lead, the discussion seemed to be going in the party’s favor. Slagathor, uncomfortable with the political discussions, attempted to befriend Boros’ two ugly dogs, but found them strange and off-putting, acting, in her opinion, entirely unlike dogs. Moranin also noticed strange glances between Vanderboren and Boros.

Finally, it appeared as if the party had made their case, and gathered the support they needed. That was the moment when Vanderboren pounded his fist on the table. “Enough!” he yelled. “What am I paying you for? END this farce!”

The form of Ichabod Boros shifted to reveal Sin’Shindu, a powerful sorceress and member of the Sin’Dorei. “Be calm, good sir,“ she said, “It is not every day the Sin’Dorei have the opportunity to complete three contracts at once.” The forms of Boros’ two dogs changed to reveal two more of the Blood Elf assassins, Sin’Serrar and Sin’Medivh. Quickly the battle was joined.

Outraged at the betrayal, Moranin took no time in slaying Dimir Vanderboren, calling upon the wrath of Moradin himself to smite the corrupt merchant. Sin’Shindu unleashed a blast of energy that nearly slew Glen Elendra outright. Golgari Mult bravely lept into danger to grab the Halfling, and Tolm led the remaining merchants into Underhall’s kitchens, safe from danger.
Sin wasted no time in engaging his old rival Sin’Serrar. The sound of clashing steel rang out around the room as the two teleported throughout the battlefield. Sin’Medivh kept the party largely at bay, using psionic fighting techniques to batter and shock the heroes, and to warp reality throughout the room, teleporting people here and there, and several times setting up the ‘Chasers for powerful burst attacks by Sin’Shindu.

Slagathor finally put an end to Sin’Serrar, cutting him in half at the waist with a mighty swing of her sword. Sin found himself with the drop on Sin’Shindu, but at the last moment opted not to run her through and instead battered her into unconsciousness with the hilt of his blade, leaving her alive to interrogate.

With only one enemy left, the ‘Chasers could concentrate their energies. Sin’Medivh proved a difficult opponent to kill, as he used his monk’s agility to avoid many of their attacks. Finally, Sin made a ferocious leap from a table, and struck the assassin with a nearly fatal blow, followed up by Moradin, whose Trumpet of Awe shattered every bone in his enemy’s body.


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