Storms of the Northlands

The Northern Alliance

Lady Eldresh arranged for the Stormchasers to be healed, and then escorted them to the top of the Tower of Law, where she introduced them to the members of the newly-convened Northern alliance.

The ‘Chasers also met Eldresh’s advisors, Mathas, and Rorit Grimmountain, and the lady’s ward, Altara.

Over the next hour or so, the heroes ate, drank, and mingled with the Alliance representatives. Mimzy and Willem gave particularly good accountings for themselves, presenting gifts to Altara and Rorit Grimmountain.

Soon, ALdy Eldresh requested the ‘Chasers to accompany her. She led them to another chamber, where she explained that she had need of them. She bade them accompany the Spelljammer Quintessence, and its crew, along with the genasi trader and explorer Blokk, into the Elemental Chaos, in pursuit of the Tempest Tome, which eldresh believed could give the Northern Alliance the tools to maintain Mual-Tar’s imprisonment.

The party departed the next day, entering the malestrom of the Elemental Chaos, and landing in Canaughlin Bog. There they met with Drall, Blokk’s contact, and learned that the Tome was likely to be found in Liricosa’s Fane. Before more information could be gathered, the party was set upon by the deragnged Raenrirriel Fey. The ’Chasers defeated their assailants, but were now trapped several miles from their ship, in the most hostile swamp in all of the planes.


oi!!! no mention of my awesome cloak of awesomeness?? boo!!!

The Northern Alliance

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