Storms of the Northlands

The Harbinger Revealed!

Aboard the Quintessence, the Deva scholar Mathas verified that the Stormchasers had retrieved the actual Tempest Tome. The crew of the Spelljammer piloted the ship out of the Elemental Chaos, and back to the World, arriving outside of Silverymoon at dusk.

The Stormchasers and Mathas made their way to the Tower of Law, where they were met by Lady Eldresh. The adventurers explained what had happened to them, and passed along Liricosa‘s warning. Eldresh seemed unconcern, and took the Tome from Willem, at which point Mathas suddenly had a flash of memories from his past lives. "No! Don’t give her that book," he cried out, before Eldresh decapitated him with a lightning bolt.

Eldresh drew her cloak tight about her, revealing herself to be The Cloaked One, the Harbinger of Mual-Tar who had been dogging the Stormchasers’ steps since they first gathered on the road to Blasingdell. The party was suddenly surrounded by her agents – a pair of ferocious cyclops thugs, a djinn stormsword, and two of the remaining assassins of the Sin’Dorei, Sin’Dal, and Sin’Aram.

At once the battle was on! Sin leapt straihg through the air to land on the room’s balcony and confront Sin’Dal, while the Djinn swept powerful slashes through the room, injuring Slagathor, Sin, and Noer. Eldresh teleported to a safe location in the chamber, and hurled bolts of lightning at Willem, weakening the bard.

Mimzy flung orbs of chaotic, chromatic force at the evil eladrin, forcing her to vanish temporarily from the world, while Slagathor unleashed smashing blows against the cyclops thugs and the djinn. Noer used her primal powers to inspire fury in her allies, bolstering their attacks, and then took her animal form, racing across the balconyand savaging the Sin’Dorei with her claws.

The Djinn caused a windstorm pulling Noer back off of the balcony, while Sin stood his ground and struck blow after blow against Sin’Dal. As Sin’Dal teleported away, and Sin’Aram attempted to slay the champion of Bahamut with visions of his tortured past, Sin merely brushed aside the onslaught. "Wait your turn, " he told Sin’Aram, using Bahmut;s might to teleport Sin’Dal back into the thick of combat.

Eldresh reappeared from her otherplanar prison, and attempted to slay Willem with her longsword. Willem’s enchanted armor saved his life yet again, redirecting the damage from her strike to Sin’Dal, who died clutching his burst throat. Mimzy unleashed a howling hurricane against the djinn, ripping her enemy apart and completely discorporating him.

Sin again stepped through shadows to appear behind Sin’Aram, striking a blow with Thori’Dracon that actually cleaved the Sin’Dorei in two halves. Mimzy then concentrated a rimestorm on one of the Cyclops, and a bolt of pure chaos energy against the other, ending both of their lives.

Finally it was only the cloaked one herself who stood against the Stormchasers. Eldresh unleashed wave after wave of thundrous energy against the heroes, smashing them back and awy from her again and again, until Slagathor finally summoned her might to push through the tempest and run the villian through.

The victory was short lived, however, as the heroes were interrupted in their celebration by Altara. seeing the body of her foster mother, and the chaos in the room, she became rageful and transformed into her true shape – that of a silver dragon.

Mindful of her loss, and remembering her gentle nature, the Stormchasers refused to battle her, dodging her blows while trying to reason with her. After a tense standoff, Altara’s rage was quelled by Mimzy and Willem’s kind words, and a display of Sin’s true face and identity as Bahmut’s chosen Avenger. Reverting back to her human form, Altar fel to her knees in grief.

Silverymoon was suddenly overtaken by a phalankx of eladrin soldiers, led by a gnome ranger – none other than Chipper Nutterbucks! Chipper had been in the Feywild, defending the city of Mithrendain from Eldresh’s forces, and had returned to Silverymoon with an army of eladrin to bring the Cloaked One to justice – a task the Stormchasers had beaten him to.


Some weeks passed, as the adventurers rested and recovered. Altara took Eldresh’s place as Lady of Silverymoon, vowing to continue what good deeds the tragically twisted and misguided eladrin had begun. She begged the Stormchasers to stay with her, as advisors and friends. Slagathor instantly agreed, and was named bodyguard to the Lady Altara, and warden of Silverymoon. Willem surprised himself by rejecting his wandering nature and agrreing to stay in Silverymoon for the time being, learning what he could from Altara and teaching her as best as he was able.

Sin regretfully took his leave. He took up the Tempest Tome, and voiced his intention to carry it to Khrundukar, where King Helgard’s dwarves could protect it. He also knew that the threat of the Sin’Dorei was not ended, and vowed to continue to hunt his former brothers down. Noer decided to accompany him on both of these tasks, cementing a friendship neither of them could have suspected when they first met.

As for Mimzy, “I don’t know what to do first!” she excalimed, holding tightly onto Chipper’s hand.

The friends parted for now, knowing that it was not goodbye forever. They had forged bonds that neither time nor distance could sever – Chains that could never be broken.


Eldresh – “You have proven most difficult to destroy.”

Mimzy – “Fuck you, lady.”

Amanda – “I have faith in my die! WAIT! No, I don’t!”

Rob – “I don’t do a lot of damage to begin with, so what do I care if I’m weakened?”

Jenny – “Half of fuck-all, divided by nil is…”

Willem – “What was her name again?”

Mimzy – “It won’t matter soon.”

Manny – “You killed a broad with a broadsword!”

Jenny – “Bitch gave me six hit points on the way out, too.”



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