Storms of the Northlands

Pursuit through the Bog

The Stormchasers, and the genasi trader Blokk, fled through the Canaughlin Bog, trying desperately to reach the Spelljammer Quintessence and flee into the Elemental Chaos. Their progress was halted when they entered a strange clearing, with a large deathcap mushroom blocking part of their path, and a beautiful elven girl on the other side of the obstacle, being attacked by three shambling mounds. The party quickly lept into action to save the girl, with Slagathor and Sin surrounding one of the mounds and unleashing a volley of punishing blows against it’s resilient, mossy hide. The elven girl proved to be a bog witch in disguise, and directed the three mounds in combat against our heroes.

As Noer smashed through one of the mounds, Mimzy used her chaotic sorcerous powers to shove another into a pool of water which turned out to be liquid thunder. The mound was blasted several yards into the sky, and when it came crashing down to earth, Willem was there to finish it off. Slagathor pulverized the last of the mounds while Sin separated the which from her head with one swift swipe of Thori’Dracon.

Pushing further through the bog, the party was set upon by more of the Raenrirriel Fey, including a gaggle of nasty gremlins, who continually shoved the party off their feet, and tripped them into the stinking gorgon mud filling the area. Mimzy and Noer both found themselves caught in the mud, and turned into living statues, before their comrades managed to defeat the fey and free them.

At long last, battered and bruised, the adventurers reached the Quintessence, lifting off from the Bog and headed out into the Elemental Chaos to seek out Liricosa’s Fane


“It’s a spa monster!” (Rob, on fighting a creature made of moss and mud)

“I was trying to help you! Be grateful, almost-dead-pants!” (Sin to Mimzy)

Sin – “How is this MY fault?”

Mimzy – “All I know is this shit happened when you stood next to me.”



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