Storms of the Northlands

Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

The Stormchasers returned to their beds at the Adventurer’s Guild after their exhausting battle with the Hammer and Chisel. They rose the next day, and Willem excused himself from the group to go and inspect Underhall and the Griffon’s Nest, his new property.

The ‘Chasers met with Keldeggan Tolm, who presented them with a list of the five most likely choices for a mayoral position in Blasingdell:

  • Glen Elendra, a Halfling merchant with strong ties to the Halfling community of Laketown, and rumored connections to several less-than-reputable concerns. (Manda – “I don’t like him.” Travis – “You’re a size-ist!”)
  • Ichabod Boros, a local dandy and owner of several merchant operations.
  • Oona Lum, the eldest daughter of a prosperous family of farmers and grocers that originally hailed from Lastwall. (Jenny – “I like her. She’s a hot MILF.” Rob, upon seeing the mini respresenting her – “Who’s THAT?”)
  • Dimir Vanderboren, a cunning and ambitious local businessman. Part of a powerful noble family from across the seas. (Ian – “I HATE that family.”)
  • Golgari Mult, a Half-Orc who had worked his way up from mercenary and caravan guard to owner of a local security firm. (Jenny – “It’s like D&D Blackwater!”)

Tolm also suggested that Willem himself might be the best possible choice for mayor, as he was well respected by the locals of Blasingdell and the dwarves of Khrundukar alike, had experience with the elements of the black market, and was now a property owner.

A spirited debate arose among the party as to the best course of local government. After much discussion (And over an hour of game time in which the DM’s Political Science degree felt well earned), the party settled on the idea of Willem as head of a city council made up of the other five candidates. All that was left to do was convince the other merchants to go along with the plan.

Tolm arranged an after-hours sit down with the ‘Chasers and the merchants to be held at Underhall. With Willem taking the lead, the discussion seemed to be going in the party’s favor. Slagathor, uncomfortable with the political discussions, attempted to befriend Boros’ two ugly dogs, but found them strange and off-putting, acting, in her opinion, entirely unlike dogs. Moranin also noticed strange glances between Vanderboren and Boros.

Finally, it appeared as if the party had made their case, and gathered the support they needed. That was the moment when Vanderboren pounded his fist on the table. “Enough!” he yelled. “What am I paying you for? END this farce!”

The form of Ichabod Boros shifted to reveal Sin’Shindu, a powerful sorceress and member of the Sin’Dorei. “Be calm, good sir,“ she said, “It is not every day the Sin’Dorei have the opportunity to complete three contracts at once.” The forms of Boros’ two dogs changed to reveal two more of the Blood Elf assassins, Sin’Serrar and Sin’Medivh. Quickly the battle was joined.

Outraged at the betrayal, Moranin took no time in slaying Dimir Vanderboren, calling upon the wrath of Moradin himself to smite the corrupt merchant. Sin’Shindu unleashed a blast of energy that nearly slew Glen Elendra outright. Golgari Mult bravely lept into danger to grab the Halfling, and Tolm led the remaining merchants into Underhall’s kitchens, safe from danger.
Sin wasted no time in engaging his old rival Sin’Serrar. The sound of clashing steel rang out around the room as the two teleported throughout the battlefield. Sin’Medivh kept the party largely at bay, using psionic fighting techniques to batter and shock the heroes, and to warp reality throughout the room, teleporting people here and there, and several times setting up the ‘Chasers for powerful burst attacks by Sin’Shindu.

Slagathor finally put an end to Sin’Serrar, cutting him in half at the waist with a mighty swing of her sword. Sin found himself with the drop on Sin’Shindu, but at the last moment opted not to run her through and instead battered her into unconsciousness with the hilt of his blade, leaving her alive to interrogate.

With only one enemy left, the ‘Chasers could concentrate their energies. Sin’Medivh proved a difficult opponent to kill, as he used his monk’s agility to avoid many of their attacks. Finally, Sin made a ferocious leap from a table, and struck the assassin with a nearly fatal blow, followed up by Moradin, whose Trumpet of Awe shattered every bone in his enemy’s body.


i really do love these updates. thanks. :)

Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

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