Storms of the Northlands

Noer Becomes an Orphan, and Mimzy Gets New Shoes.

The Stormchasers continued their descent into Rentash’slair. Climbing a ladder down to a lower ledge, they found two branching passages. One led to a coffin with candles giving dim illumination. The other led to a finely worked chamber. Sin snuck softly into the open chamber, and was confronted with the site of a hulking vampiric troll! Sin’s eagle eyes also detected a flash of motion in the corner of the room, a deadly dhampyr assassin!

Sin lunged at the troll, striking him brutally and teleporting back out of the room with his quarry in tow. The dhampyr was quickly joined by another, as they shifted into a mist form and moved to flank the ‘Chasers.

Mimzy unleashed a twin bolt against the troll and one of the dhampyrs, while Slagathor lept forward to engage the troll. The assassins began to mock Noer, claiming to be her half-brothers. Unimpressed with what she had seen of her family thus far, Noer blasted at them with a spray of thorns, unfortunately catching Willem in the blast as well. A rimestorm spell from Mimzy knocked the dhampyr brothers off of their feet, setting them up to be marked by Slagathor.
The troll proved a deadly opponent, dominating Noer with his vampiric powers, and forcing her to attack Mimzy. As Slagathor ran one of the dhampyrs through with her sword, Mimzy’s spells finally felled the troll. The last dhampyr chose to direcvt his attacks at Noer, his blind rage causing him to carelessly provoke an attack from Slagathor, who ended his threat with a single blow to his neck.

After a short rest, the party opened the coffin they had found, revealing several golden treasures, as well as a magical sash claimed by Noer, and a pair of enchanted glass slippers that Mimzy gleefully donned.

Moving further into the crypt, the ‘Chasers found Rentash himself, surrounded by his vampiric thralls. The first handful of thralls leapt at Mimzy, only to find that her new footwear unleashed lightning upon enemies who dared to approach. Slagathor struck another of the thralls down as Rentash summoned his steed, a gigantic black nightmare, to flank the party. The nightmare stormed through the room, leaving walls of fire in its trail. Sin managed to corner the beast and separate it from its head. Another group of thralls entered the fray, and Willem’s initial efforts to repel them proved ineffective. Mimzy managed to hold them at bay, while taking a good deal of necrotic damage for her troubles.

The party found themselves in deadly combat with Rentash, who used his vampiric domination to confound the party. As they managed to whittle away at him, he dominated Noer, with a command to protect her father.

Fleeing from the room, Rentash rushed back through the caves from which the party had entered, Slagathor hot on his trail. As the vampire lord reached the ladder to escape to the surface, Slagathor lunged at him, swinging her sword with the strength of her Fearsome Ram form. Although he managed to dodge back from a direct hit, the primal force of the blow created a voracious wind that ripped the flesh from his bones, slaying him.


“They’re Bite-curious!” (Manny, on dhampyrs being half-vampires, and therefore, half-gay)

“Sweet! Oh no! Noer, I’m sorry!” (Slagathor, stopped short in her celebration of Rentash’s demise by the realization that she’d managed to kill Noer’s entire family)

“Hello, ladies! AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” (Willem, encountering the brides of Rentash)

“Noer! Don’t let them destroy Daddy!” (Rentash)

“Your poetry sucks.” (Noer, to Rentash)



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