Storms of the Northlands

Fearless Undead Slayers

The ’Chasers entered into the ruined temple. Sin snuck into the first chamber and saw an iron-jawed constuct waiting in hiding for the group. As the rest of the party entered, another ironjaw became visible, as did three animated statues and another group of twig-folk.

Mimzy had the jump on her opponents and used her arnace mists of Dissaray to slay two of the twigs. Noer called upon a wall of thorns to isolate the statues. Willem, used his bardic song to force two more of the twig-folk into a frantic dance, that shook them to bits. Mimzay sprouted butterfly wings of color and chaos, slaying a twig that attempted to attack her, and dmaging one of the statues that had burst from the wall of throns to strike at her as she flitted across the room. Landing, she cast a chaos bolt, annihilating another twig.

Sin and Slagathor both unleashed huge damage against the ironjaws, so much so that they caused the constricts to self destruct, casting shrapnel across the room. Noer blasted two more of the twigs from existence with a thorn blast, and managed to weaken one of the statues, setting it up for her allies to finish. In retribution, the statue charged at Noer, who was defended by Willem.

Slagathor charged one of the statues, slamming it to the ground, and then shattering it with a follow-up attack. Willem used his bardic song to drain the energy animating one of the other statues, destroying the statue and healing Sin, who proceeded to pahse behind the last statue and pierce it’s hide with his fullblade.

After a short rest, the ’Chasers opened a trapdoor leading to chambers below the ruined temple. Descending the ladder into the darkness, they foundthemselves on a cliff, facing a hulking undead warrior, his vampire mistress, and a ferocious devil armed with countless whirling spiked chains. A ferocious battle ensued. Noer finally managed to slay the undead warrior with a Sunbeam, melting him to a puddle of steaming flesh. A timely hit by Mimzy with Karot in proximity unleashed wave upon wave of damage to the vampiress, who was finally slain when Willem called upon the bardic Song of the New Dawn to reduce her to ash.

The devil proved a deadly foe, slashing the party to ribbons with its chains, binding them in the coils and spikes, and weakening them with poison. The battle seemed hopeless until some timely strikes wounded the fiend. Willem called upon all of his charisma and presence and demqanded that the devil leave their world, causing the panicked creature to flee.

(Rob rolls Manny’s d20, which has no 20, but a symbol. He gets a crit.)

Manny: “NICE!”

Rob: “What is that?”

Travis: "It’s the dwarven rune for “Fuck you.”"

Willem (to Sin, as Willem tries to figure out how to heal an ally who keeps telporting out of range): “You sequestering freak.”

Rob: “Can you roll over Action Points? Like, save them up and redeem them later?”

Travis: “They’re not skeeball coupons.”

Rob: “Thank you for the rules clarification.”


holy crap! I WAS AWESOME!

Fearless Undead Slayers

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