Storms of the Northlands

Farewell to Moranin

Having defeated all of their Sin’Dorei assailants, the ‘Chasers took a moment to catch their breath and to interrogate the captive Sin’Shandu. The party was dismayed to realize that Glen Elendra had succumbed to his wounds, and perished during the battle.

Sin’Shandu was less than forthcoming in her answers, speaking civilly only to Sin’Zaram, and to a lesser extent, Mimzy. The party learned that Dimir Vanderboren had indeed hired the Sin’Dorei to slay Willem and the other candidates for mayor of Blasingdell. The Sin’Dorei also still held a blood-grudge against Sin’Zaram, and had been contracted to kill all of the ‘Chasers. The party was unable to learn the identity of the contract holder, though.

After a good deal of deliberation, it was decided that Golgari Mult should be named the mayor of Blasingdell. As his first official act, Mult turned Sin’Shandu over to the dwarves of Khrundukar, who agreed to imprison her indefinitely.

The Stormchasers accompanied the prisoner and Keldeggan Tolm to Khrundukar, where they were greeted warmly by King Helgard, and treated as visiting dignitaries. Helgard also had a problem that needed solving. In excavating the tunnels of Khrundukar, the dwarves had uncovered a passage leading to a huge set of iron double doors. Something behind the doors was attempting to break free, but had been unsuccessful.

Investigating, the party discovered a temple of Moradin behind the doors – And a party of drow soldiers who had become trapped in the temple after a cave-in. Quickly, the drow attacked.
Sin sped across the room, teleporting one of the drow to an isolated area and making short work of him with his fullblade. Noer, in her animal form, literally tore the throat from another. Moranin invoked his trumpet of awe to pulverize a drow with a cruelly poisoned weapon, while a drider’s attack on Mimzy provoked Slagathor’s primal fury, and the creature was slain by the flames emanating from her warden’s broadsword. Finally, only the drow commander was left, and he soon fell to the combined might of the group.

After the melee, Helgard offered Moranin a home in Khrundukar, and a position as the head of Moradin’s church in the dwarven citadel. Moranin accepted this offer parting ways with the ‘Chasers.

The party began preparations to return to Blasingdell, before embarking on a journey to Silverymoon. The council of the North will soon begin, and the Chasers will be representing Blasingdell and Lastwall, with Tolm representing Khrundukar. But first, the party intends to stop in the Northwood, and visit Losse Alda, Noer’s home village.

Quotes of the night:

DM: “He’s not dazed anymore. He’s just marked, bloodied, upside-down, and blind.”

Willem (to Slagathor): “You would be able to afford your triceratops, were it not for your love of couture.”



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