Storms of the Northlands

Dances with Slaad

Cruising through the Elemental Chaos aboard the Spelljammer Quintessence, the Stormchasers finally reached Liricosa’s Fane, an ancient dojo perched on a chunk of rock floating perilously close to a huge chaos storm. The crew of the Quintessence steered the shop as close to the Fane as they could, but it was up to the adventurers to keap from rock to floating rock and attempt to reach the Fane.

The ’Chasers found their way blocked by a group of vicious slaad. Mimzy indentified the beasts, and wanred that their claw attacks could impregnate a victim with slaad eggs, which would kill the host upon hatching.

The party lept into battle, trying their best to retain their footing in the face of the slaad’s chaos powers. Noer proved especially adept at destroying these foes, and sent many of them hurtling out into the swirling storm. Slagathor and Mimzy both narrowly escaped becoming slaad hosts, while Sin and Mimzy took turns rescuing each other from nasty tumbles into the bottomless pit of the Elemental Chaos.

Slaying the slaad gave the party a clear passage into the Fane, where they met a withered, ancient Githzerai who claimed to be Liricosa himself. Willem spoke to the ancient monk, who claimed that the party’s coming had been foretold – “The assassin, the storyteller, the totem, the guardian, and the chaotic”. After warning the group that taking possession of The Tempest Tome could unleash a powerful threat to all reality, the mysterious being dissapeared, leaving the adventurers to scramble out of the rapidly crumbling structure and to the safety of their ship, waiting to whisk them back to the World.


Slagathor – “Gross. I’m knocked up by a slaad.”

Willem – “I still respect you.”

Mimzy (trying to escape a slaad who is trying to implant her with an embryo) – “NO MEANS NO!”

Jenny – “Did I just get RickRolled in the Elemental Chaos?”

Travis – “Just because something is red doesn’t make it immune to fire.”

Amanda – “You don’t know that.”



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