Storms of the Northlands

A Bitterweet Homecoming

The ’Chasers returned to Blasingdell, and began making their preparations for the journey to The Northwood. Arranging horses for the trip, Noer and Mimzy came upon Sir Graze-a-Lot and the other horses that had been stolen from them. Mimzy was delighted to be reunited with her pony pal.

Further delight came to Mimzy in the form of a letter given to her by Casper at the Adventurer’s Guild. It was from Chipper, and brought her up to speed on his comings and goings. The convenience of the letter falling into the Guil’d hands arose suspicions in Slagathor, who sought answers to the mysteries of the Guild. The party learned that the Adventurer’s Guildhouse existed independent of their reality, and that multiple planes intersected with the guildhouse via portals. The physical property they were occupying, it turned out, existed in the extraplanar city of Sigil.

The party set out several days later, and after almost two weeks of travel, entered Losse Alda, Noer’s homeland. The village was largely deserted. Many structures were boarded up, the elven sign for “unclean” painted on the doors. After a tense standoff with some of the village guards, including Bainion, Noer spoke with Malledhel, and learned that her mother had passed away 2 years prior.

On the way out of the town square, Mimzy’s offer to use cold spells against Bainion’s nether-regions were met by the most unusual of things – a laugh from Noer.

The ‘Chasers continued through Losse Alda, travelling to the outskirts of the village where they met with Saelaer and Celeblain. Over a delicious meal, they learned of the attacks on the village by Rentash and his minions. The uneasy truce that had endured between the vampires and the elves had been crushed by the death of Naurni. The party also learned that Celeblain’s protege, Kethria, had returned to town to investgiate the vampires, and had dissapeared a week earlier.

Leaving their horses with their elven friends, the ’Chasers tracked Kethria through the woods to an ruined temple deep in the forest. Before they could enter, they were set upon by a gaggle of tiny, twig-like creatures, and a handfull of human thralls to the vampire lord.

Slagathor lept into battle, punting one ot the twig-folk into kindling. Noer called upon her primal powers, and slew another five with a chill wind. Sin leapt into battle with an eladrin bladesinger, and proved more than a match for his foe. Mimzy finished the last of the twig-folk off with a rimestorm spell, as Sin beheaded one of the human thralls who had engaged to party.

In her animal form, Noer felled another thrall, tearing his leg from his body. She then cast a primal firehawk at an elven thrall, slaying him as he attempted to draw his bow. Slagathor brought the3 combat to a close as she charged the remaining elven thrall, trampling him beneath her boots and blade.

Manda: “We’ll dress Mimzy up as a little girl and have her roam around the forest.”

Manny: “So we’re on the lookout for vampires AND pedophiles.”

Travis: “Your plan just went from clever to creepy.”

Jenny: “Not creepy. STRATEGIC.”

Rob Manda (trying to determine if Noer was still grappling an enemy in her animal form): “Wait. Is he still in your mouth?”

Noer (to Willem): “If you get it on with my dad, I’m killing you both.”

(A hypotheticalm exchange between a human thrall and Willem, disguised as a vampire, but wandering around in the daylight)


Willem: “Sunblock. SPF 100.”


rob did not say the is he still in your mouth….....-manda

A Bitterweet Homecoming

I stand corrected.

Although in my defense, it is a very Rob thing to say.

A Bitterweet Homecoming

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